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Options to Quickly Resolve Your Hurricane Ida Claim

If you, a family member or friend are still dealing with unresolved claims from Hurricane Ida, we can help. There are currently two (2) programs in place to help quickly resolve all remaining Hurricane Ida claims.

The two programs are below:

Claims with Less Than $50,000.00 In Disputed Damages

The Louisiana Department of Insurance has instituted a Hurricane Ida Mediation Program to help property owners with claims of less than $50,000.00 in dispute resolve their claims.  To be clear, the $50,000.00 limit is only the difference in what’s been paid and what’s owed.  Therefore, if your claim was for $150,000.00, but your insurance company has only paid you $110,000.00, you are still eligible to participate in the program.

The program offers a free* 90-minute mediation with experienced neutral mediators who will do their best to resolve your claim.[1]  In order to evaluate your eligibility or chances of success in this program, you should be prepared to produce a copy of your policy, a copy of your insurance adjusters’ estimate, any estimates/invoices that you have obtained from contractors, receipts, and photographs of your damages. If your claim is not resolved because you do not have these documents, we can help fill in the gaps in order to prove your claim.

Claims With More Than $50,000.00 In Disputed Damages

For larger claims, like a catastrophic commercial building loss, there is now a case management order that has been implemented in federal court. On August 26, 2022, the Louisiana Eastern District adopted its Case Management Order No. 1 in order to provide for the quickest resolution of claims in litigation.  This Case Management Order implements a shorter discovery period, mandatory disclosures by the insurance company, and a streamlined settlement program.

The streamlined settlement program provides for an informal settlement conference within thirty (30) days of initial disclosures, mandatory mediation within sixty days of the initial disclosures, reduced neutral mediator fees, and direct contact and oversight my magistrate judges.

If your claim is valued at more than $75,000.00, the Louisiana Eastern District  Court is going to try to resolve your matter as soon as possible.

If your Hurricane Ida insurance claim is still pending, call or email Paul Carriere to discuss resolving your claim.  Whether through mediation or litigation, we are committed to helping our neighbors recover the best that they can.

[1] The entire cost of the 90-minute mediation is covered by the insurer.

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