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Favret Carriere Cronvich

If your business has a legal issue or you have been involved in an accident with severe injuries, Favret Carriere Cronvich is here to help. We are a New Orleans based law firm focused on representing businesses and individuals with legal matters in the area. Our compassionate and experienced lawyers have been representing those in the community for years, bringing hope, healing, and justice.

Our Practice Areas

Business Representation

Businesses rely on processes, organization, and written documentation.

Personal Injury

Accidents can result in overwhelming physical and mental suffering. An experienced attorney will ensure you don’t pay for someone else’s negligence.

Property Damage Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always honor claims, putting policyholders in a difficult spot. Property damage claims can be greatly impacted by the nature of the situation.

Construction Law

Construction is a complex industry. Avoid unnecessary disputes and navigate a multitude of laws with a legal professional at your side.


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