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What Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover?

What Homeowners Coverages are Available for Hurricane Ida?

In Louisiana, your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover damages caused by flooding.  IN regards to hurricane damages, most homeowner’s policies provide four types of coverage: (A) dwelling, (B) other structures, (C) personal property, and (D) loss of use/additional living expenses.

Generally, dwelling coverage is limited to the structural damage that occurred to your home.  Other structures will handle coverage for detached garages, sheds, pools and other structures found on the property that are not the home.  Personal property coverage pertains to the possessions or contents inside of your home such as furniture and clothing.  Finally, loss of use/additional living expenses (ALE) is meant to compensate you for the additional costs that you will incur in the event that you cannot immediately return and live in your home.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may also cover the following, which are important to know:

  1. Debris Removal- Debris of covered property, fallen trees, a neighbor’s fallen trees that damage your property or block entrance thereto.


  1. Emergency Repairs- Most insurance policies require the homeowner to mitigate their damages by performing necessary repairs. Some policies contain additional coverage for emergency repairs that are necessary to prevent further damage.


  1. Trees, Shrubs, and Other Plants- Many policies offer coverage for damage to landscaping so long as it arises from a covered cause of loss or a cause of loss listed in the specific provision.


  1. Fire Department Service Charges- After a storm, many properties require emergency services from the fire department to prevent their house from suffering further damage. A lot of insurance policies offer some coverage towards the payment of service charges issued by the fire department.


  1. Property Removed- This coverage pertains to damages sustained to your property whilst it is being removed from your home. e., your television gets dropped by movers or mitigation company.


  1. Loss Assessment- In the event that you live in a condominium or residential community with a homeowner’s association, your insurance may cover a portion of any special assessments levied to get the community back up and running after a disaster.


  1. Breakage of Glass or Safety Glazing Material- Your insurance company will most likely cover window damage caused by the breakage of glass or other safety glazing material.


As we’ve previously discussed, an insurance policy is a contract between a homeowner and his or her insurer.  The parties are bound by the language in their unique contracts.  However, there are common policy provisions which appear in most homeowner’s policies.

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