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Why Was My Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Denied?

Was Your Hurricane Ida Insurance Claim Denied?

For some homeowners in Louisiana, the last thing they need is their own insurance company not treating them fairly.  Responses vary from insurance companies but in short, they will either deny your claim in full or part, not cover the entirety of the scope of damages and/or not compensate you fairly for those damages. There are ways to try and avoid those issues.

In our experience, most storm claims are denied for one of three reasons:

  1. Flood Insurance v. Homeowners’ Insurance

In Louisiana, homeowners’ insurance expressly does not cover damages caused by flooding.  Most homeowners have two policies: flood insurance and homeowners insurance.  Unfortunately, areas which suffer flooding may also suffer damages from the high winds that a hurricane can bring, and Ida was no exception.  Some insurers, both flood and homeowners may take this opportunity to deny coverage and claim the other insurer is responsible for damages. The effects of which policy covers your damage can be significant.

  1. Non-satisfactory Presentation of Damages

In order to initiate your claim and rights, it is necessary that you present a satisfactory proof of loss to your insurer.  Satisfactory proof of loss has been interpreted to mean that which is “sufficient to fully apprise the insurer of the insured’s claim.” In other words, the insured has to provide necessary facts and proof of damages, at a minimum, to have met the legal requirements of submitting a satisfactory proof of loss in order to get paid.

If your insurance carrier did not provide with you any sample documents, contact us for FREE proof of loss templates.

  1. Misinterpretation of Policy Language

An insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and an individual, and in Louisiana, contracts form the law between the parties.  Therefore, each insurance policy is different and the answers to the following questions may vary depending on your policy’s terms.  Unfortunately, insurance policies are long and often ambiguously worded.  Adjusters are familiar with policy language and trained to trigger those within your policy.  Insurance companies will confidently tell you that your loss was not the result of a covered cause of loss and expect you to walk away with nothing.  You have the right to disagree.

These are just the three most common reasons that we see insurance coverage be denied; however, there is an exhaustive list of exclusions in your insurance policy.  If your claim has been denied, please do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss your claim. We can be reached day or night via telephone or text at 504-372-6175.

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