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Who is responsible for the tow truck bill after a car accident?

Reasons for Calling a Tow Truck

No matter the severity of the car accident and property damage, many people chose to have their cars towed to the repair shop after a car accident. The reasons for doing so are understandable. If your car is not drivable or operable, you will most certainly need to have your car towed. For those whose car is drivable, it can seem like a personal decision whether you want to have your car towed or not. There will likely be a delay in waiting for the tow truck. You may want to have your car towed so you don’t cause potential further damages to your car. Another reason may be that you don’t find the car safe to drive. Whatever the reason may be, someone will be responsible for the tow truck bill after your car accident.

Will Insurance Cover my Tow Truck Bill

After a car accident, if your car has to be towed to a repair shop, the at fault driver should be responsible for the tow truck bill. At the scene, the at fault driver may provide the tow truck driver with a copy of it insurance in order to submit it to bill. The injured driver may never see or receive a tow truck bill.

But what about the scenario where you receive a tow truck bill, but you were not at fault for the accident? If you were not at fault for the car accident, you should immediately come if you haven’t done, so make a claim on the add full drivers insurance policy. The adult drivers insurance company will investigate the claim and make a decision to determine whether their insured is responsible for the accident or not. While, this may take some time, the tow truck company should be amenable as long as you are making efforts to ensure sure the at fault driver covers the tow truck bill.

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